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No design is perfect until it is proven by implementation. System Simulation may reveal unforeseen faults and help validate designs before actual implementation. We do analyze Engineering Systems big or small alike. We like to solve problems.
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Student Paper Competition is ON, and the deadline is 31 Dec 2004. Please e-mail papers in IEEE format to 
System Simulation Research Group (SSRG) primarily focuses on the large- scale system simulation aspects of Engineering Systems. Engineering designs need to be verified through System Simulation before constructing any Prototype models. The Techniques and Mathematical Algorithms behind the System Simulation is an advancing research topic in contemporary Scientific world. Our focus is mainly in the Engineering aspects with specific attention to Electrical, Electronics, and Teleommunications Systems. For further information please contact.
   Development of custom models for specific case studies is also part of on-going research at this Institute. The sofware developments based on Fortran 77, C, or JAVA give some of the typical solutions for some problems.New Theory, formulation, and  implementation are published in International Journals. 

Institute of System Simulation (ISS) undertakes  Training, Research, and Consultancy Projects on System Simulation aspects of all Engineering Systems. For specific enquiries please e-mail.The ISS Pty Ltd is an Australian Company dedicated to quality Training, Research, and Consultancy on large and small scale System Simulation. 
System Simulation Consultancy Group (SSCG) primarily focuses on Professional Consultation to Industry and other clients on the System Simulation, System Analysis, Design Validation, and Modelling of Engineering Systems. For technical information and specific inquiries please e-mail to:
The ISS Newsletter and Journal will be published annualy. If you wish to submit a technical paper please e-mail to <>  for more information. Advertisements are also invited for inclusion in newsletter.
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